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Is a person you have only met online blackmailing you to send money or this person will share sexual pictures or videos with your family and friends?

September 20th, 2017 - Europol has a campaign against this online child sexual coercion and extortion, which is a crime. If this happens to you, say no and get help.


Who do you turn to when things get tricky online?

July 05th, 2016 - UNICEF published new videos about young people and their way to deal with online safety issues.


Man jailed for online child abuses

June 28th, 2016 - An article in the Guardian reports that a man who contacted thousands of underage girls on social media in attempt to persuade them to perform sexual acts on camera, was sentenced to ten years of jail. Figures show that the internet was used to commit an average of eight sex crimes against children in England and Wales every day in the past year. Parents therefore need to be aware of what children are doing online.


Video on sexual exploitation online

June 24th, 2016 - An estimated 72% of children who are exploited online are under the age of ten years. In a video, ECPAT International gives them a voice to speak out about their experiences.


New recource by childnet to support teachers in exploring critical thinking online

May 30th, 2016 - Developed by childnet in partnership with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Safeguarding Board, the resource contains lesson plans for both primary and secondary level that aim to empower educators to discuss how to think critically around content seen online, contact that young people may have with others online, and propaganda material that may seek to persuade or change their views. The packs also contain guidance for teachers on questions to ask and further sources of information.


Get the App against Cyber-bullying!

May 10th, 2016 - The klicksafe Youth Panel developed a first aid app to help you dealing with Cyber-bullying. You can get practical tips on how to behave as well as support for taking action against Cyber-bullying. There are also infomation on legal aspects, links to information centres and tutorials about reporting and deleting. Get the app here!



Child friendly version of the Global Study

Global Study on sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT) reveals shocking discoveries. The world is getting smaller, travel is cheaper than ever and children are playing the price. With the click of a mouse one can book an affortable ticket to almost any destination around the world. Unfortunately, not all of these travellers have innocent intentions. Some are searching for opportunities to sexually exploit vulnerable children on their travels. This is a problem that has continued to grow over the past 20 years. Sexual exploitation of children is a growing illegal market that needs to be shutdown. Understanding a situation is the precursor to changing one. That is why we have made available the Global Study on SECTT for young people to be informed about how sexual exploitation and tourism are connected and what they can do to help. We hope that this publication will inspire a generation of youth to rise up and take a stand against child sexual exploitation.


Brochure for parents: online behaviour of children

It is important for parents to integrate online behaviour and experiences of their child into their parental care. This brochure provides useful advice to lead this conversation with your children and youngsters.

The brochure is also available in French, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, German, PolishBengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Manual for peer experts (peer2peer)

Manual for coaches

This manual provides concrete recommendations about implementing issues like online security through the peer-2-peer concept.


Comics on data privacy and safety

Comics: "Password..., Meeting with a stranger..., One clic too many..." about risks and online safety.


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